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Price Book Manager

What if you could hire a VIRTUAL assistant to keep your item prices within margins, store tags up-to-date and point of sale ready to scan? Meet Connie.

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The following quote is from Charity McGill, C-Store owner who grew tired of constantly reviewing invoices searching for missed discounts and price changes.

"In the last 8 months since using ConnieApp, our customers have successfully achieved item-level scanning and margin by simply pushing a button – one supplier invoice at a time. The more you use Connie, the smarter she gets and the easier it is to keep your prices right. So much easier, you’ll never want to go back. Our 99% retention rate is pretty convincing. As you submit each month’s invoices for her analysis, you’ll get mobile alerts to new items and price changes that can be sent straight to your price book. You’ll avoid that overwhelming feeling of getting to item-level scanning AND maintaining it. There are a lot of other benefits as well, but these are exciting enough."

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