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T & S Management Services, LLC

"We Are A Professional Training Solutions Company"

We have been serving the convenience store industry since 2005, our sole focus is providing the assistance, expertise and solutions retailers need to manage their stores more profitability. Through a range of services that include extensive training programs, ready to use materials and on-site consulting, we have developed long-lasting relationships with retailers, helping them become better business managers that result in greater profits. Our training programs are easy, effective ways to give retailers the competitive advantage they need in today’s challenging market place. It provides them with pragmatic, relevant knowledge and tools that are simple to understand, easy to implement, and will generate an instant positive impact on sales and profits.


All seminar training can be conducted virtually as well as in-person.


T&S Management Services training programs provide the nuts and bolts, real-world solutions that focus specifically on problems that c-store owners encounter daily.

The information can be put to use right away solving everyday problems such as:

   Hiring and keeping good employees

   Cash and inventory controls

   Employee & Vendor Theft (Shrink)

   Controlling expenses

   Customer Service

   Proper merchandising


Not philosophies or abstract business theories here, just tried and proven methods that get results!


We analyze the Financial Statements and evaluate operational and management functions to determine where problems may exist and recommend solutions.

We are based in Kansas City and have traveled to all four corners of the USA facilitating training seminars or working closely with retailers at their stores. We have also worked overseas, in the Middle East.


Just give us a call or click.

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