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What We Do

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Tom Terrono and Bill Sawyer, the principals who started the company in 2005, have almost 100 years of experience in the petroleum industry. The majority of their experience is in the marketer (supplier, jobber), dealer retail operations, C-Store, full facility, and car wash operations. Tom and Bill's expertise includes developing and presenting customized training programs for petroleum marketers, C-Store operators and conducting seminars and facilitating for audiences consisting of business owners, executives, managers, and hourly (CSR's) employees.

T & S also offers on site evaluations, analysis, and consulting services for operators that may be having difficulties achieving their profit goals and/or want to fine tune their operational and management skills. 

We analyze the Financial Statements and evaluate operational and management functions to determine where problems may exist and recommend solutions.

We are based in Kansas City and have traveled to all four corners of the USA facilitating training seminars or working closely with retailers at their stores. We have even worked overseas, in the Middle East.

"We Are A Professional Training Solutions Company"

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