Safety & Security Hint

Many home burglaries occur through an open garage door. You should have a procedure at your home to check your garage door every evening @ 9:00pm. If you must park a car outside at night, be sure it’s locked, any valuables are removed (or placed in trunk) and remove garage door openers. If your door opener is built in, you might consider unplugging your garage door opener so it cannot be opened at night, without your knowledge. If you cannot unplug the opener, you could insert a large bolt (or screwdriver) in the door tracks to keep the door from opening, while you sleep. I suggest you share this info with your staff. If your CSR’s have an incident at their home, it might keep them from reporting for work while they deal with the crisis.

If you have extra garage door openers inside your house, keep them in a cup or container to prevent them from activating accidently.

Encourage your neighbors to watch out for each other and call if you see someone’s door open late at night or for an unusually long time.

You must be vigilant with eyes and ears wide open 24/7.