Safety & Security Hint

As we get closer to Spring, it’s time to think about the safety of your staff. Where is the ‘safe room’ in your store? Have you informed your staff where they should seek shelter in the event of a tornado warning? Many stores will use the walk-in coolers.

Check battery back-up lighting and flashlights this time of year.

If your CSR’s must evacuate the store in case of an emergency (i.e., fire, flash flood, bomb threat, vehicle strikes building, etc.), where do they go? For many, it could be a nearby all-night restaurant or hotel. It’s vital to their safety that you inform them where to go now. They should remain there until their safety is accounted for by you or emergency personnel.

The time to plan for an emergency is now, today, not after an incident occurs. It’s too late then.  Remember, 40% of all businesses do not survive a major incident. 

Your staff will appreciate you when they realize you are concerned for their safety.